Saint Giovanni De La Mode by definition means, Saint (Old, honour and respect) , Giovanni (Italian) -Young and De La Mode – Fashion (French).

Throughout the ages fashion sense and style has always been present, although historically major trends were only accessible by middle and upper classes. Today, fashion is evolving constantly and we are now more frequently being met with a repetition of trends and indeed most people have a sense of fashion.

Saint Giovanni De La Mode blends contemporary and historical styles, to create a unique, urban and trendy collection. The originality behind SGDLM provides a level of exclusiveness for our customers. As fashion continues to be driven by lifestyle, technological advancements and trends, it continually reflects our attitudes, values and way of living. It influences our choices of basic needs and has become a form of motivation.
Our brand’s objectives include building relationships with our customers and getting to know them personally so we can meet their expectations and requirements.

We want our customers to indulge in the highest quality of urban fashion.